Our "Earth First" Policy: Amor Por La Tierra

As a beauty brand, we care about our environmental impact. We have developed the following internal programs and procedures to reduce our environmental footprint as much possible: 


When choosing our bottles, we deeply analyzed the available packaging options, both glass and plastic have trade-offs when it comes to functionality, environmental footprint, recyclability and safety.

Glass is energy intensive to produce, heavier to ship (higher carbon footprint) and easier to damage (creating reprocessing and replacement needs). While it's recyclable, less tan a third of it is recycled according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. From those that are recycled, a high portion is discarded from the recycling process because it often contains plastic pumps or lids.

Aluminum is recyclable, but it's made from bauxite that's mined through a process that can leave environmental destruction. It also requires a large amount of energy to be produced.

Surprisingly, some types of plastic are more readily recyclable than glass. It requires less energy for it's production, it's lighter (less carbon footprint on transportation), requires less packaging protection, and is safer for skincare when you keep in mind that the end consumer often manipulates the bottle with wet or oily hands.  

Unfortunately, there's no silver bullet when it comes to packaging materials.

For these reasons, we use recyclable plastic (PET). Most of our products come in PET airless pumps because these bottles block the flow of air into the bottle, which allows us to use less preservatives and prevent oxidation (any product that contains vitamin C oxidizes and becomes useless within two weeks of allowing contact with air). They also keep the product protected from light and pollution, making it more hygienic. 

We use post consumer recycled plastic where possible and are constantly looking for modifications that allow us to retain functionality while minimizing environmental impact. We ask that you please recycle our bottles and boxes, here's a video of how you can dismantle the bottles for recycling. 

Shipping Materials 

Our boxes and paper tubes are 100% recyclable. We also use recyclable, reusable and biodegradable materials to ship our products. In this way, we are constantly serving the environment.

Local Manufacturing 

All our products are made in in Ontario, Canada. As part of our ecology program, we do not manufacture in distant countries, then ship to us and in turn ship to the customer. We manufacture locally and ship to the customer directly, reducing shipping costs, emissions and time. 

Cruelty Free and Absolutely NO! To Animal Testing

We have a strict policy against animal testing. We have never, nor will ever test on animals. We do not sell in countries that require mandatory animal testing. 

We do not use Palm Oil or derivatives. The Palm Oil industry is destroying the natural habitat of the Orangutan in favor of planting palm oil trees.

All current products are plant based; however, we make an exception for organic certified, locally sourced beeswax (Cera Alba) and marine collagen. Both are sustainably and ethically sourced from a farm that is committed to Net Zero emissions using geothermal and solar powered systems.

USDA Certified Organic and NOP (National Organic Program) 

Our organic raw materials are USDA ORGANIC certified, this means the NOP strict regulations govern the lifecycle of the products; from the soil they grow, to cultivation methods, to their handling and to the final processes for use in a formula - Which means, they are free of pesticides, herbicides and toxic preservatives.