This is an exhaustive list of all the ingredients we use. We are currently working on creating detailed explanations about their benefits and the reasons why we use them! Coming soon...

Note: The * denotes organically produced ingredient. We are certified by the USDA.

Aloe Leaf Juice*

Avocado Oil*

Babassu Seed Oil*

Bean Powder*

Buckwheat Flour*

Camellia Seed Oil*

Camellia Sinensis (Matcha) Leaf Powder*

Castor Seed Oil*

Cera Alba*

Cocoa Fruit Extract*

Coconut Fruit Flour*

Coconut Oil*

Coffee Seed Extract*



Geranium Oil*


Grapefruit Peel Oil*

Hibiscus Flower Extract*

Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Powder*

Hyaluronic Acid


Lemon Peel Oil* 

Licorice Root Powder*

Lulo Fruit Extract*

Mango Fruit Extract*

Mango Seed Butter*

Matricaria Flower Extract*

May Chang Fruit Oil* 

Moench Flour*

Orange Peel Oil*

Papaya Fruit Extract*

Passion Fruit Oil Extract*

Passion Fruit Oil Extract*


Pineapple (Piña) Fruit Extract*

Rice Flour*

Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Powder* 

Seaweed Powder*

Shea Butter*

Sunflower Seed Oil*

Sunflower Seed*


Tea Seed Oil*

Witch Hazel Extract*

Xanthan Gum