FAQs - Face Exfoliator

  1. How Is This Product Better Than Other Exfoliators? Most face exfoliators use crushed sugar, or worse, plastic micro-beads, to scrub your face. This can create micro-tears on your skin that lead to irritation, redness and sensitivity. Lulo's Face Exfoliator features a delicate mix of natural flours that gently roll across your face to gently remove dead skin cells without causing damage or irritation. This is why you can use it every day! 
  2. Why Is It Necessary To Exfoliate Often? When you remove the dead cells from your skin, your face is primed and conditioned to absorb your skincare products better. It also gives you a renewed and soft complexion.
  3. What Are The Instructions To Use It As A Face Mask? Dispense two teaspoons of the powder in a small container and add a few drops of water, organic tea, or Coco & Cafe, Vitamin C Face Oil. Apply to your face and neck and leave it for 15 - 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water and enjoy your soft, renewed skin!
  4. Does This Product Cause Peeling? No :) We design this product as an alternative for those with sensitive skin or those who like to exfoliate often. This product won't cause redness, skin peeling, flaking or inflammation.