FAQs - Brightening Face Wash

  1. Why Does It Come In Such A Small Bottle? This product comes in a very concentrated gel. Most skincare brands use water in their formulations (remember, ingredients are listed in order of concentration, so if you see water or aqua as the first ingredient, it means that 30 to 80% of the formula is actually water!!). We prefer to avoid water and create a super concentrated formula that you can mix with water. Use a portion smaller than you would normally use for other cleansers, half a pea size will suffice (one pump). 
  2. What Makes This Product Special? We use gentle ingredients to naturally clean your skin without causing sensitivity. Also, we use sea salt that is loaded with minerals and nutrients that your skin needs, these minerals not only clean the skin but also enhance its texture and keep it healthy. As if this wasn't enough, its antibacterial properties will prevent breakouts and acne.
  3. What Is The Brown Sediment In My Bottle? You see some dark brown or black sediments in the bottle? No worries! Since we use natural, cold-pressed ingredients, it is normal to see sediments from plant fibres, seeds, or fruit extracts after the product settles in the bottle. The sediments are not only harmless, but they are intentionally kept in order to preserve the integrity and effectiveness of the ingredient.
  4. Is It Safe For All Skin Types?  Yes, it's carefully designed to be used for all skin types and to be used every day without striping away you skin's natural oils.
  5. How Long Does a Bottle Last? 3 months on average if used as instructed.