What is a Lulo?

Lulo Fruit

In my home country of Colombia, we have a saying:

"Como un Lulo"...

Which means, "like a Lulo." It’s a fun way to tell someone they look great!

A Lulo is a citrus-like fruit that’s native to the northwest region of South America. It has so many health benefits that it was called the “nectar of the gods” by the ancient tribes of the Andes. Its juice has been consumed for centuries as a beauty drink in South America to increase the skin’s elasticity and collagen.

The Lulo fruit has an extremely high amount of antioxidants, Vitamin A, C, and beta-carotenes, which lower oxidative stress and remove free radicals, preventing damage to the skin.

This distinctive fruit grows from a plant with protective thorns, a uniquely wonderful scent and a gorgeous, symmetrical pattern. 

All of our products contain certified organic Lulo and we are the first company in the world to incorporate this fruit into commercial skincare, making it finally available to the world.

We believe in clean skincare and combine 100% natural ingredients with modern science that supports a healthy, plump and bright face. 

Latina founded and inspired, our products are created for you, a powerful and confident woman who takes care of herself to look divina, como un Lulo!

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