The Absolute Best Skincare Tips

Perhaps the most common question I get from my customers, is... "what's your secret"!
I honestly believe that skincare doesn't have to be difficult in order for it to give you fantastic results, however, there is one condition: you have to be consistent.
Nothing will work if you try it only for a couple of weeks!
The list below contains the 12 tips that I swear by, just remember that none of them will be useful unless you commit to make them part of your daily routine.
Here are my 12 favourite tips to perfect your skin:
  1. Sunscreen, always, every day, rain or shine. Also, include your entire face (even the delicate skin around your eyes). If people knew how important this is for beauty and health, they would never skip a day!
  2. Wash your face morning and evening, even if you didn’t wear any makeup. 
  3. Apply your nigh-time skincare at least 30 minutes before going to bed so that you don’t smear it on your pillow!
  4. Apply sunscreen on the back of your hands, they age rapidly and get sunspots very easily!
  5. Hold your cellphone a bit higher! Looking down for long periods of time weakens and loosens the muscles under your chin and create a saggy neck. 
  6. Exercise your neck muscles by lifting your chin toward the ceiling while moving your jaw forward to avoid a “turkey neck”. I do this every day!
  7. Care for the skin around your lips! it tends to get wrinkles and most people neglect it when applying skincare and sunscreen.
  8. Use cold water when washing your face. Hot water can cause skin sensitivity and strip it out of necessary natural oils.
  9. Apply your skincare products in an upward motion, doing it downwards will slowly push your muscles down.
  10. Sun tanning is not recommended for the skin, but if you definitely want to do it, make sure to always cover your face with a hat, sunglasses, and off course, sunscreen. Cover it with a towel when laying on your back. Don’t allow your face to be directly exposed to the sun!
  11. The skin around your eyes is delicate! Remove your mascara by rubbing the cotton pad on your lashes, not against your eyes and eyelids. 
  12. Allow some time between the application of skincare and makeup so that you don’t remove the skincare with your makeup brush or sponge.
What do you think? Most people expect a long list of complex routines, but nothing could be further from the truth! Start practicing today!

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