Colección "El Gran Trío" + REGALO!
Colección "El Gran Trío" + REGALO!
Colección "El Gran Trío" + REGALO!
Colección "El Gran Trío" + REGALO!
The "Big Three" Collection + FREE GIFT! Skincare Lulo Organic Skincare

Colección "El Gran Trío" + REGALO!

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¡Todo lo que tu piel necesita en 3 simples pasos! Olvídate de las rutinas complejas de cuidado de la piel, con esta colección, tu piel tendrá todo lo que necesita, desde hidratación hasta nutrición, ¡incluso antienvejecimiento y prevención de arrugas!

Instrucciones de Uso
Esta colección está diseñada para cubrir todas tus necesidades de cuidado de la piel con una rutina fácil:
  • Después de lavarte la cara, aplica Papaya & Piña, Serum Facial Revitalizante en la cara y el cuello. Este serum intenso repondrá la humedad y nutrirá tu piel para prepararla para el día, mientras que al mismo tiempo, la tensará y reducirá la apariencia de líneas finas de expresión y arrugas.
  • A continuación, aplica una pequeña cantidad de Mango & Aguacate, Crema de Ojos Renovadora debajo de los ojos y los párpados. Esto hidratará la delicada piel alrededor de tus ojos mientras reduce la aparición de bolsas y líneas finas.
  • Después de limpiar tu cara, aplica una o dos gotas de Coco & Café Aceite Facial Antioxidante en la cara y el cuello. Este aceite ligero acondicionará y nutrirá tu piel con antioxidantes. Su textura está diseñada para evitar la evaporación del agua de tu piel.
  • Después, aplica Papaya & Piña, Serum Facial Revitalizante en tu cara y cuello. Este suero repondrá la humedad y nutrirá tu piel durante la noche, mientras que al mismo tiempo la tensará para reducir las líneas finas y arrugas.
  • Por ultimo, aplica una pequeña cantidad de Mango & Aguacate, Crema de Ojos Renovadora debajo de los ojos y en los párpados para permitir que sus potentes péptidas reduzcan la inflamación y líneas finas mientras duermes.
Ingredientes Clave

Decimos NO! a: parabenos, ftalatos, toxinas, irritantes, SLS / SLES, siliconas, formaldehído, hidroquinona, colorantes artificiales, rellenos.

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No utilizamos perfumes artificiales o fragancias. El aroma de nuestros productos proviene de los extractos de frutas y plantas en nuestras formulaciones.

    Para Todo tipo de Piel

    No utilizamos productos químicos abrasivos o ingredientes tóxicos. Esto hace que nuestros productos sean muy seguros para todo tipo de piel: sensible, grasa, seca, mixta y normal.

    This Collection is designed to cover all your skincare needs in an easy routine:

    • Morning
      • After washing your face, apply two or three drops of Vitamin C Serum Oil - Coco & Café on your face and neck. This lightweight oil will provide conditioning to your skin, and nurture it with antioxidants. Its texture is designed to prevent the evaporation of water from your skin during the day.
      • Next, apply a small amount of Replenishing Eye Cream - Mango & Aguacate under the eyes and on eyelids. This will moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes while reducing the appearance of puffiness and fine lines.
    • Night
      • After cleansing your face, apply Revitalizing Face Serum - Papaya & Piña on your face and neck. This intensely revitalizing serum will replenish moisture and nourish your skin during the night, while at the same time, plump it and reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.
      • Lastly, apply a small amount of Replenishing Eye Cream - Mango & Aguacate under the eyes and on eyelids to allow its powerful peptides to reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines while you sleep.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    I’m a Lulo fan! 🌸💓

    I’ve been using Lulo Skincare products and every time I’m happier and more convinced that the results are incredible! Not only that, but I have learned and educate myself about ingredients, skin care more than ever with any other products. And for me I’ve used many well-known brands, and my conclusion is that it’s not the name that makes a brand successful, it’s the ingredients and the ethical standards that really count. I mean we are applying something we trust in our bodies and skin and knowing that Lulo skin care not only is a brand that cares about the impact in the process of making their products in a sustainable way in doing the right thing using the best organic ingredients, cruelty free and free of toxins. 🌸🌺🌼So I can’t ask for better products! You are not just a customer but it becomes a skin care community. And yes you got me at #comounlulo #likealulo 💓

    Thanks for this beautiful review, Julieta!! I'm so happy to know that you appreciate not only our products but also our ingredients and ethical standards, we put a lot of love in what we do and ensure that we respect the environment in the process. Thanks for being a loyal customer, you are the reason why we do what we do!! <3


    i did not get is 100% cotton ?? thx. sincerely ALENA

    Hi Alena, I'm sorry for the inconvenient, we always include the Headband with The Big Three so it must have been a mistake. We just put a headband in the mail for you, I hope you enjoy it :) It's made of microfibre.


    I always use oils before bed. I wasn't sure if this product was going to be too oily for my skin but it was all the opposite! it has been great! ⁠

    Sometimes I put the Papaya & Piña Serum and then the oil and my skin absorbs everything without feeling oily, it gives me a natural glow without an oily feeling.⁠

    Also, I had little dark spots and it helped to reduce them. ⁠

    I love this brand and I highly recommend it!

    Hola Mariana, Thank you for your review of The Big Three collection! I'm glad to know that you enjoy our products and that they've helped you achieve your skincare goals! Thanks for recommending us :)


    I have been using the “Big Three” for a little over a month now. I have to say I love these products 💕!! I was looking for good natural products that could help me with my acne and scars, I’m glad I found these 🌺 My face always feels hydrated and has a new glow that I didn’t have before. People see me and compliment me on how good my face looks now. My acne scars have been fading away and whenever I get new acne lesions they are not as bad as before. I always look forward to my facial routines when I get to use the products and enjoy the amazing smell 🥭🥑🥥!!! Thank you Lulo!!

    Hola Manuela! I'm thrilled to know that our products are helping your skin and I love to know that people are giving you compliments!! We're happy to be part of your routine :)


    Starting at age 50 to use them and my face it’s thankful, my friends are asking why, the answer is simple, these big three miracle!! Happy and satisfied client! Thank you!!

    Hi Diana! It's never too early or too late to start a skincare routine! I'm glad to know that you started and that you are happy with us! Welcome to the Lulo family <3