What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga has picked up steam in the last few years... and there is a very good reason for it!
Much like yoga for the body, face yoga consists of exercises and stretches that work the muscles in your face to improve your facial tone and diminish expression lines and flaccidity.

How Does Face Yoga Work

Face Yoga stimulates circulation and trains the muscles so that they recuperate their tone and move in more appropriate ways. It's a natural alternative to Botox or surgery, and with just minutes a day you will get a more defined face, cheeks, and neck; you will have a more symmetrical face, you will diminish droopiness… the list of benefits goes on and on!

Can Face Yoga Get Rid of Wrinkles?

Yes, Face Yoga exercises build a strong facial foundation and strengthen the muscles under the skin. Facial muscles are small and fine. The overlying skin moves along with them, creating an indentation that stays overtime (i.e., wrinkles). By training your muscles to move a certain way or to stay still you can soften, decrease, and even banish your wrinkles.
Face Yoga also creates symmetry, fixes the effects of bad postures and repeated facial expressions, helps you fight gravity, and increases circulation; therefore, it helps diminish droopiness, double chin, and puffiness.

Will I Get Wrinkles by Practicing Face Yoga?

No. Some people think that moving the facial muscles will cause more wrinkles – but while problematic repetitive movements cause unwanted wrinkles - moving the face the right way can prevent and even reduce them.

Are Face Yoga Results Permanent?

Since Face Yoga trains your muscles, the results are as permanent as what you get when you train your body muscles: as long as you practice with some regularity, you will see and maintain your results!

How Does Face Yoga Complement My Skincare Routine?

Face Yoga is the perfect complement for those who are looking for natural solutions for a healthy skin. The word Yoga in the name refers to the concept of discipline to achieve the ultimate goal of health and balance. The ultimate goal of Face Yoga is self-realization through self-acceptance and self-love.

I’m a certified Face Yoga Method Teacher, and an advocate for a positive approach to aging. Lulo Skin and Face Yoga are natural, holistic approaches to taking care of yourself.

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