Welcome to Lulo Organic Skincare!

As a Latina -born and raised around plants, animals, and organic food- I understand the power and healing properties of nature. I combine traditional plant wisdom with modern cosmetic science in order to make the beauty and biodiversity of South America available to you through clean, natural, organic skincare.

My products funnel best practices that I learned around the world: European Ingredient Standards, Canadian manufacturing excellence, and exotic, natural, organic ingredients from the world's most biodiverse region: South America!

I'm proud to be the first company in the world to incorporate the antioxidant properties of Lulo fruit into commercial skincare. This delicate Colombian fruit offers a natural, effective, non-irritating source of vitamins A and C.

My formulations are 100% clean, well beyond what is commercially considered "clean": I don’t use perfumes, I don’t use ingredients listed in the David Suzuki Foundation’s "Dirty Dozen", and I leave out ingredients that have no real effect on the skin (i.e., fillers) including water, which is the skincare industry’s most widely used filler.

I demonstrate that natural, clean, organic beauty can be fun and luxurious.

My products are lovingly crafted for YOU, to make you look and feel beautiful… COMO UN LULO!

My Personal Journey

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