3 Mistakes Women Make With Skincare

3 Mistakes Women Make With Skincare

Are you wondering why you have a skincare routine and all the products, but your skin is not glowing?

The reason could be, you have the wrong products for your skin!

The rising number of skincare products in the skincare industry is overwhelming, and thus, many mistakes come with the wrong choice of products and skincare routines amongst women.

Most women make mistakes with skincare through the use of wrong products for their skins and poor skincare routines that, instead of leaving their skins feeling rejuvenated and moisturized, leave them feeling crackly and dry.

If you are reading this article now, the chances are high that you have probably tried out a skincare routine and it failed you or stranded you on what right products to use for your skincare as a woman.

This article aims to take you through 3 common mistakes that women make with skincare and solutions to remedy the three mistakes.

  1. Doing it too much or Over cleansing the skin.

Most women freak out whenever they experience a skin-breakout or even notice a pimple on their face.

Women tend to use any available product on the market as long as it is thought to be for skincare.

As a woman, you have probably been in this situation at least once or twice when you didn't know what to use on your skin but chose to use any product that came your way and promised you good results.

This is a common mistake you make because your skin is already irritated by showing a breakout.

The last thing you can do is further the damage.

Besides, most women think that the frequency they wash their face will reduce acne; instead, you only make your skin dry by ripping off the top layer of oil.

Recommendation: Rather than irritating your skin further, we recommend using Lulo organic skincare products, which contain clean, natural, and organic elements that have a restorative power of nature and non-toxic ingredients to cleanse your face.

Use our Colombian cleansers at least twice a day, then follow with a moisturizer to keep your skin glowing.

  1. Using the Wrong skin products for your skin type.

Knowing your skin type is the number one rule to skincare.

Unfortunately, most women do not learn their skin types, which leads most of them to choose and use the wrong skincare products for their skin type.

Therefore, you need to identify whether you have dry skin and oily skin pr a combination of both.

Even though you may be tempted to trials on skin products and trying out several skincare products in the market, you are better off sticking to that which is made or matches your skin type.

If your skin is constantly irritated or gets breakouts, you should carefully read the elements on the product you are buying for your skincare. Ideal skincare products vary depending on skin types.

These include products for sensitive skins, oilier complexions, amongst many.


Make sure you know your skin type before purchasing any skin care product. Be sure to use all-natural products for your skin.

Use Lulo organic skincare, which has various skin products to choose from, according to your skin type.

Latin American and Colombian organic skincare products are made from natural elements without toxic elements to help keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

These Colombian organic skincare products' restorative power will make people leave remarks such as "You look great!"

If you are experiencing skin damage due to environmental factors, you can use Lulo Organics’

  • Face exfoliator – Hibiscus & Rose Petals polishing powder for your skincare routine. The hibiscus extracts will help reduce the oxidative stress caused by your surroundings.
  1. Going to bed with makeup on

You have probably had a very long and tiring day at the office or in the field. When you get home, you don't care about the ponds, powder, and foundation of your face; all you need is some good sleep.

Yes, this happens to most of us once in a while, but this is no excuse to going to bed with your makeup on! If you do this, you block your skin's sweat glands and oil glands until the time you will wake up and wash your face.

To make it worse, when you sweat while sleeping with makeup on, you clog your skin pores.

There are also other severe and health-related issues of sleeping with your makeup on, but the worst happens to your skin functioning.

No reason better explains why one would go to bed with makeup on. It is detrimental to your skin.


Never go to bed with makeup on. Ensure that you take off makeup before sleep and cleanse your face at least an hour before bedtime.

Pay attention to the type of skincare products you use to remove your makeup and wash your face.

To avoid dull skin with clogged pores, use Lulo skincare products for cleansing and makeup removal, at least an hour before going to bed.

Latin American skincare products are made from organic compounds and are non-toxic to refreshen your skin and make it active while you sleep at night. 

Consider using products such as

  • Replenishing Eye Cream- Mango & Aguacate: To clean off the mascara that may contaminate your eyes.
  • Revitalizing Face serum – Papaya & Pina to restore your skin before going to bed.

How to fix the 3 mistakes women make with skincare.

  • The first mistake is doing it too much or over-cleansing your skin: The solution is; For a balanced skin, do not wash your face more than twice a day; after washing, moisturize your skin to prevent further breakouts.
  • The second mistake is using the wrong skin products for your skin type. The solution is that you need to identify your skin type before buying a skincare product. If your skin is sensitive, go for skincare products for sensitive skin.
  • The third mistake is going to bed with makeup on. Ensure that you wash your face, cleanse it at least an hour before bedtime to prevent makeup induced acne. Choose natural and organic-based products for your face cleansing.

Suppose you are looking at rectifying these mistakes women make on skincare, observe the above recommendations, and sooner or later, your skin will be looking great, as the saying goes in Colombia! 

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